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Video Projects

Video Projects
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Body of Work - Final Cut Journalism Story

Body of Work - Final Cut Journalism Story

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Matched Action Example

Matched Action Example

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Card Game Sequence

Card Game Sequence

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Bob's Tire Shop - Natural Sound Sequence

Bob's Tire Shop - Natural Sound Sequence

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Multimedia Storytelling

This channel showcases video work from my graduate-level multimedia storytelling class at Syracuse University.


Throughout the course, there were a few standard criteria for each video project. They included:

-All shots in focus

-Use a tripod

-Only use straight cut transitions

-No jump cuts

-Have proper sequences and a variety of shots for each

-Ensure there is continuity


Reach out if you have comments or feedback on the included videos.


Intro to Digital Communications

Goal: Examine the evolving nature of digital communications.

  • Evaluate the use and impact of digital communications technologies and media in the context of existing theory and research, as well as case studies  

  • Analyze emerging trends across the public communications spectrum


  • Obit for a dead dotcom: Vine 

    • Write a brief obituary for a dot-com that no longer exists by being shut down or purchased and collapsed into another site. ​

  • Case study: Weight Watchers

    • Tell the story of how a company utilized some form of digital communications in a particular way​

  • Social media platform snapshot: Meetup

    • Select a platform from Brian Solis' Conversation Prism and create a 3-4 slide PowerPoint. Analyze and discuss the history/background and basic features and functionalities, and explain if it is social by "social" definitions.​




Digital Communications Systems

Work: You have been hired as consultants by a startup to launch a digital publication for (you pick the content area). Work with your group to plan and strategize all aspects of the business from the audience research to the revenue streams.


A note about choosing your topics: successful startups and digital publications/magazines often serve very niche audiences and interests. 

Deliverables: Proposal & Presentation (PowerPoint)

  • Proposal includes the following sections:

    • Publication & General Information

    • Content

    • Search Engine Marketing

    • Social Media Strategy *

    • Email *

    • Advertising *

    • Website Implementation

    • APIs and Interactive Elements

    • Wireframes

*Danielle's parts, including design of deliverable and presentation 



Media Law

This course covered the legal limits to freedoms of speech and press in the 21st century. Topics covered included:

  • Understanding of the meaning of the First Amendment;

  • Systems of media regulation;

  • Corporate speech and election-related speech;

  • Commercial speech (advertising regulation);

  • Prior restraint and protection of national security related information;

  • Defamation;

  • Privacy;

  • Access to places, documents and meetings; covering courts;

  • Reporter/source Confidentiality; and

  • Intellectual property (copyright and trademarks).


Read nine media law cases (edited versions) and write a Case Summary for four. The purpose of the Case Summary is to demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing and summarizing the facts, procedure, reasoning, holding and
implications of a judicial decision.



Social Media for Communicators

Outcomes for this course included: 

  • Work with social media tools such as analytics reporting systems, management software,social video and crisis response plans.

  • Critically analyze social media trends and tactics

  • Practice developing a comprehensive social media strategy for brands, clients and/or media outlets.


  • Personal brand evaluation and strategy

    • Review and develop a personal social strategy for LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.​

    • Write a min. 1000-word critique and analysis of your profiles and activity on the sites.

  • Social Video: Hello Fresh Demo Video

    • Requirements:​

      • Identify a subject for social and produce and promote a one-minute​ original video

  • Social Media Strategy: Sweet Sweet Pound Cake

    • ​Requirements:

      • A 5- to 7-page strategy paper, plus bibliography and appendix materials

      • Social influencer pitch (description, rationale and email outreach)

      • Community policy and guidelines

      • Sample visuals: 3 to 5 original photos and accompanying social posts, plus one original 15- to 30-second video

      • PowerPoint presentation (up to 7 slides)




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