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4 New Categories Added to the Conversation Prism

The conversation prism is a framework of the many social networks we use or have heard of since their inception. It is a robust circle divided into 26 color-coded categories anchored in the center by smaller wheels with considerations about how to use, evaluate and measure your effectiveness and/or performance with each platform whether you use it professionally or personally.

Conversation prism by Brian Solis. Updated in 2017.

The prism was originally created in 2008, and last updated in 2013, by Brain Solis, a digital analyst and anthropologist. Each slice of the prism pie lists at least five social networks appropriate for each of the 26 categories.

This summer, the prism was updated to reflect new and re-organized social networks and four new categories – crowdfunding, messaging, travel and hospitality and connecting IRL (in real life). Here are some social networks that define each new category:

  1. Crowdfunding: KickStarter, and Indiegogo

  2. Messaging: GroupMe, Kik, Snapchat

  3. Travel & Hospitality: AirBNB, Homexchange and CouchSurfing

  4. Connecting IRL: Bumble, MeetMe, Tinder and Meet My Dog

Technology is constantly changing and startups are leveraging opportunities in the marketplace to make travel, fundraising and networking more convenient. Moving from more traditional methods, consumers are adopting these new and innovative ways to connect socially while doing what interests them.

As social media platforms come and go, the prism serves as a practical visual representation of our vast social network options.

I’m curious to see what the next prism will include and how our minds continue to innovate.

What surprised you most abouy the conversation prism?

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