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The Viewer's Voice: Second Screen Experience

This semester was filled with thought provoking discussions, and while many topics stood out to me, I think the second screen experience was most fascinating.

Have you ever watched a live TV show and simultaneously tweeted or Posted to Facebook about it? I did. Often using Facebook, I'd share my reactions and feedback for a range of shows - award show performances, Super Bowl commercials, ABC's drama-filled show, Scandal and a few others. I never knew it had an official name, but I was effectively engaged in the 'second screen experience'.

The second screen experience is using a second screen, or device like a laptop, mobile phone, or computer while watching TV to make It more of a social or personalized experience. The second screen experience transforms passive TV viewers into engaged and active participants. Many of today's top TV shows like ABC's The Bachelor and NBC's Dateline and The Voice employ the second screen experience using hashtags encouraging viewers to join the conversation and share their thoughts on a contestant or case.

I plan to concentrate on Public Relations in this program and I think the second screen experience is vital to brands. It not only gives viewers a chance to connect with the story line and characters, but it's also a way to speak directly to and grow the brand. Marketers and public relations professionals have a unique opportunity to use the data from second screen experiences to curate content, generate story ideas, promotions and interact with viewers. The data gleaned from social media engagement metrics are helpful when evaluating ratings and planning for future campaigns.

I'm excited to see how the second screen experience will impact the future of media and public relations and am convinced the best is yet to come.

Have you ever participated in the second screen experience? What were you watching?

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