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A Well Designed Site: Personal Branding Blog

Judi leading some participants in an improv activity. Courtesy of Twitter.

A few years ago, I met a dynamic woman named Judi Holler at a conference for meeting professionals in San Francisco. She led a session about branding and improv and as you can imagine, it was interactive and so much fun. Volunteers participated in a variety of improv skits led by Judi and through the improv, we discovered new ways to brand ourselves and build confidence.

Judi was beaming with positivity and oozing energy. Her confidence was refreshingly humble and admirable. I knew I had to follow her on social media and I’m so glad I did! In addition, I followed her weekly ‘Friday Fab Five’, an email with some of Judi’s favorite quotes, books, websites, suggested blogs to follow and my personal favorite, Be A Bad Ass Tip.

From there, I was started to follow her blog, which covers articles about improv, leadership, fear, life and personal branding.

After a successful BrandProv session! Courtesy of Twitter.

Her blog design (and overall site) layout are very well done. It employs white space well and each blog post is accompanied by imagery which are relevant to the topic of her blog. The tone of her content is welcoming, motivating and easy to read. It’s well-organized and she does a fantastic job of using imagery and catchy titles to entice users to click on an article. Her site colors - pink, black and white – are balanced throughout and pink as an accent color is used sparingly.

Other design features I like include the font size. Many times, blog font sizes are hard to read. Even I had to increase the font size on my blog after a while! On Judi’s site, I can read from a comfortable distance without straining my eyes.

Screenshot of

There are some areas for improvement as far as user experience is concerned, but I’m able to get past that because I think her content is valuable and is the main reason why I keep coming back!

Keep up with Judi on Twitter and her blog!

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